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The First Live Whale Watching Reality Show!

Whale Watching TV

The ONLY place in the world where you can, daily, watch HUGE DOLPHIN HERDS, and BLUE WHALES, the largest animal that ever lived, swimming, LIVE, out on the OPEN OCEAN, without ever leaving your home.

You can SEE and HEAR them UNDERWATER as well!!!

SEVEN Cameras onboard, including an UNDERWATER CAM and a HYDROPHONE and a handheld camera with a zoom that is used for viewing the whales.

With microphones on the Captain and Crew, you will get a look and listen behind the scenes - hear candid comments and conversations, (with so much going on, they usually forget they are being watched), as they discuss events with each other or other skippers over the VHF radio. Not only will you learn all about these incredible dolphins and whales and other sea life, but you will learn what it is like to work aboard a commercial whale watching boat and find out if it really is the dream job it seems. Join the crew as they deal with the pressures of back to back trips, finding animals in ever changing ocean conditions, occasional seasick passengers and other problems, while trying to keep everyone entertained, educated and safe and keeping the broadcast going . You never know what you'll hear or see, on Whale Watching TV 

If, during a live broadcast, the screen freezes,or goes, grey or black, wait a moment, then hit F5 to refresh.
If you'd like to watch prior shows, save shows, create your most exciting clips for our site, or send them to friends, visit the chat room and much more, click on the screen.

ATTENTION! The reason that we are first to do this is because it is extremely difficult! If we lose our signal out on the open ocean, don't give up! We will get broadcast back ASAP!

  While you are waiting for us to return live, check out some of the video on-demand or WATCH A CLIP FROM CAPT. DAVE'S UPCOMING FILM BELOW, OR...

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whenever we are seeing BLUE WHALES or other WHALES and DOLPHINS and then you can tune in and watch them live with us!

A CLIP from Capt. Dave's Upcoming Film "HD DOLPHINS and WHALES"
Music by Gary Rea

See the ABC "EYE ON LA" story, here, to learn more about the boat and trips.

BLUE WHALES -  An excerpt from Capt. Dave's award winning film
"Wild Dolphins & Whales of Southern California" to order the full film click here.









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 "I just spent the most incredible morning I've enjoyed in a long while 'whale watching' from my kitchen in Montana! Thanks!"

"This was amazing!I can't believe I just saw and heard a Blue Whale LIVE"

"Capt. Dave, you are the best!  We came out with you last summer, and will have to wait another year before we can come back to CA...now with WWTV we can come on a Safari with you any day of the week! We all thank you!"

"I did one of these tours on June 25 and it was nothing less than AMAZING!!!!!  Thanks Captain Dave and First Mate Mark for the wonderful experience. Also, Mrs. Capt. Dave, thanks for the fudge brownies...they are the reason I booked the trip and it was worth it! :)"